Recycle: A number of forward-thinking municipalities like New York, NY, Greenwich, CT, Montgomery, MD and Clifton, NJ have already implemented clothing recycling programs while a growing number of other municipalities are considering doing so as well; to easily and affordably reduce the amount of waste these communities are sending to landfills. Today an increasing number of municipalities are implementing municipal clothing recycling as an alternative to the landfill. Check with your local municipality to find out if they offer clothing recycling.

Get Your Community to Go Green

The Problem: Municipalities around the country are sending textile waste to landfills rather than looking for innovative ways to recycle it.

The Solution: The ARR easy ”Think Inside the Box” program, which implements municipal clothing recycling.

The Benefits: Real savings to the municipality that can help balance a budget or be passed on to taxpayers. A cleaner environment.

It pays to encourage recycling of textiles.