Why recycle clothing?

Over 8 billion pounds of clothing ends up in landfills each year and represents almost 6% of solid waste in our nation’s landfills. Through our recycling program, we help in the fight against pollution by not contaminating our soil with textile products that would otherwise be buried, burned or destroyed.

Is American Recycling Resources, Inc. a non-profit organization?

American Recycling Resources, Inc. Is a highly professional for-profit organization. We support local programs that are in dire need of funding. We support charities, law enforcement, fire departments, schools and many others.

My organization would like to host a container, how does it work?

You provide the space ... we do the rest ARR places containers after receiving permission from your managers.

We offer payment paid in advance, for allowing our recycling containers to remain on your property. Our containers have clear markings indicating their purpose. Your organization or your favorite charity’s logo is clearly marked on our containers along with a telephone number for additional information. We service each location a minimum of twice per week to maintain an attractive, convenient drop-off spot for area residents.

What will it cost my organization to fundraise?

The program will not cost your organization a penny, but will generate thousands of dollars in funds year round!

How often are our containers serviced?

We take pride in keeping our communities clean and service our containers a minimum of twice per week. Should our containers become full before pick-up, you can give us a call at the number on the bin.